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Clarence Clearwater

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Clarence Clearwater

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Dear Clarence, Thank you for the entertainment you provided on the Grand Canyon Rail Road on Jan. 5th. To refresh your memory we were in the observation car, in the back corner. Randy and I were most impressed with your talent, arrangements, choices, the use of your natural grace and intelligence in your music was a humbling beautiful gift to witness, and your voice and guitar work were delightful to experience as well! You are one of a kind and a true treasure to behold. I must say your Happy Birthday to me was very sweet and endearing. Thank you. You added to a very special 51st birthday for me. We most enjoyed your spirituality that you allow to freely influence your music and the people blessed enough to be touched by you come away with more than a song in their hearts. Your mother must be very proud beyond the fact you have a are a delightful spirit in the world and I am so pleased and thankful our paths crossed.  Blessings to you, Beverly Leeson

Portland Or (soon to be from Sante Fe New Mexico as of April 1. 2007)     19 January 2007




Clarence, I wanted to take the time to thank you for your song and explanations. My wife and I had taken my folks to the Grand Canyon on the Grand Canyon Railway Train in mid December 2006.  During that Christmas time, you sang Silent Night in Navajo.  After the ride back my dad mentioned how much he appreciated that song in Navajo.  My dad was raised in Tucson as a child and at that time they learned Silent Night in Navajo.  So thank you for my dad, who quietly sang along with you in Navajo.

Drew & Tami Emery     Bend Oregon     10 January 2007




Clarence,  Yesterday, my son Luke and I rode the Grand Canyon Railway Train and heard you sing. I was very impressed with your "outlook" on the meaning of life and your presentation. Thank you for taking the time to sing and talk with us. I hope to hear you in a longer format as I thoroughly enjoyed your music. Thanks again, you were one of the highlights of our trip (along with the robbers of course)!  Still Standing,  Brian Delameter     22 December 2006





I rode the Grand Canyon train today, and was very impressed by Ur talents! I specially enjoyed the German song "Muss I denn" you performed.  Danke schoen !!     Lothar Goesch     Cottonwood, AZ     18 September 2005




Thank you for singing for us - we really loved it.     Teara     Helendale, CA     30 May 2005




I love your music. I received 2 of your CD's as a gift. My children are Ojibwe from central Minnesota and they also enjoyed your music very much.     Toni Walsh     Onamia, MN     02 May 2005




Good Morning!! I saw you perform on the train going back to Williams on Friday. Great show. I also bought a cd of the "Bobcat’s Foot is Hurting". Thanks.     Carl Hassell     Tracy, CA     03 Apr 2005




We had the pleasure of being entertained by Clarence when traveling on the Grand Canyon Railway when holidaying in the USA over the New Year. We unfortunately did not take up the opportunity to purchase the CD offered on the train, and wonder if it is possible to have one sent to New Zealand.

Beveley Forsman     Pukekohe, Auckland, New Zealand     Feb 2005



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