A Few Words About These Songs

By Clarence Clearwater

  1. Love Song – This compilation of Native and English songs were created in and/or are about the mid-eighties. I performed this at the wedding of Don and Dierdre Imus in the mid-nineties, and at the wedding of Tim & Heather Greenhaulgh. The song opens with a chant that I put together with friend and singer/songwriter, Jim Box, from Ignacio, Colorado and in the mid-seventies. I have since put it to music. The English lyrics are from singer/songwriter Mark Collie. Vocals & guitar – C. Clearwater.

  2. Wooden Heart – I learned this song in Monument Valley while playing at Burch’s Lodge & Trading in Mexican Hat, Utah. Several busloads of German tourists took interest in my performance and recommended that I learn it. Vocals & guitar – C. Clearwater. Percussion – C. Kristoffersen.

  3. Sabor a mi - My dear friend Mike Duran in Albuquerque, New Mexico heard me play at the Church Street Café in Old Town and brought me this song in sheet music. To me it is one of the sweetest, most beautiful songs that I have ever heard. Vocals, guitar & bass – C. Clearwater. Percussion C. Kristoffersen.

  4. Ueo miute, arukoo – Since I was in High School I have been intrigued by this song. I’ve always wanted to learn it and thanks to recommendations of Japanese tourists, I was able to acquire the song in Romange. I Walk Alone, or Ueo miute, arukoo is a song of loneliness. ‘I go through beautiful days, but I walk alone.’ Vocals, guitar, bass – C. Clearwater. Percussion & synthesizer – C. Kristoffersen.

  5. Ayoo inish ni – Literally translated: “I love you. I’ve just come to realize this. Wherever I am, I’m always thinking of you. I love you forever and ever. I will come/stand by you. I love you. ” My dear partner Kat and I collaborated on this song. I tell people that she wrote the Navajo and I wrote the English. Actually it is the other way around. Guitar & vocals – C. Clearwater. Guitar, bass, percussion, bass, kalimba – C. Kristoffersen.

  6. La vie en rose – I was introduced to the music of Edith Piaff, as well as Jacques Brel back in the late sixties. I remember sitting in a place called “Sobosseks” just off the Bowery in Manhattan listening to La vie en rose wondering what the song was about. Then I realized that it said, “my heart is yours.” Guitar & vocals – C. Clearwater.

  7. Besame mucho – Again my friend Mike Duran wrote down the lyrics for me, performed it, (he is also a guitarist) and told me that this song was very much what he thought I should perform. Thank you again Mike. Vocals, guitar & bass – C. Clearwater. Guitar, percussion – C. Kristoffersen.

  8. Love song – This is an orchestrated version of the first song on this CD without the French lyrics. My friend and fellow train musician Calvin Kristoffersen and I had a great time recording and providing additional instrumentation and vocals to this song. Guitar, vocals & bass – C. Clearwater. Harmonica, guitar, keyboard & percussion – C. Kristoffersen.

  9. One Love – Literally translated: “Love with one heart, we’ll come together and everything will be alright. We’ll gather together and everything will be alright. Resistance will come to our cause, but we have the strength to overcome. Walking on the path of Good, things will become beautiful again.” Thanks to Bob Marley for the lyrics and the spiritual thought. Vocals & guitar – C. Clearwater. Guitar, slide guitar, bass, keyboard & vocals – C. Kristoffersen.


This CD was recorded August-December 2005 at

Kristoffersen Sound Studios, Doney Park, Arizona

Recording Engineer & Producer - Calvin Kristoffersen