A Few Words About These Songs

By Clarence Clearwater

  1. Yeitsoh Anii (Giant Song/Moccasin Game Song) – literally "The giant is crying for fear of losing."

  2. Wooneezhchiid (Cicada Song/Moccasin Game song) – literally, "The cicada has no face."

  3. Jud di’ sin (Antelope Song/Moccasin Game Song) – This is actually two songs in one in that the lyrics refer to the beginning of the game, as well as to the antelope: "In very difficult places to see, the antelope paces."

  4. Nashtooie Bi Ke Dineih (Bobcat Song/Moccasin Game Song) – This is also two songs in one. The first says, "The bobcat is walking along. He comes up over the hill and sees a gray rabbit." He growls at it (you’ll hear it in the song). The second song says, "The bobcat’s foot is hurting."


    Note: The above four songs are Winter Songs from the Moccasin Games. Moccasin Games and their associated songs are only played in winter, and these recordings should be played appropriately.


  5. Shi Keyah Hozhooni/Lighting the Fire (Earth Song) – A song by Brent Chase/Chasingwind reflecting on the beauty of our land. " To the East, the zenith is crowned by the dawn. To the south it is crowned with turquoise. To the west it is crowned by the sunset. To the north it is crowned by the darkness."

  6. Bi Chii Diyah/Blessingway Song (Mountain Chant) – Literally, "I am going to the wisdom, agelessness, compassion and beauty of the mountains. I am going to the Four Sacred Mountains – Sisnajiian, Tso dziil, Dookoosliid, Dibe intsaa, and to the mountains that represent the Above and Below – Dziil naodillkai and Dziil Chooteehii."

  7. Ayoo Inoosh Nii (I Love You) – Navajo lyrics translated, "I love you, I have begun to realize this. Where ever I am going, its you I’m thinking of. I’ll love you forever and I’m coming home to my place next to you." English lyrics are as stated.

  8. Bahozoonih/Dylan’s Song – A song I wrote for my children when I was hitch-hiking one day. Translation of chorus: "Enlightening One, you are my little one. Enlightening One, you are my child/baby."

  9. Indio’s Song – I learned this song in Sonora, Mexico when I was fortunate to visit the Seri Native tribe on the coast of the Sea of Cortez. It is a meditation song that was once sung in the caves on the islands of Tiburon and San Esteban. Indio (Francisco Molina) is a Seri tribal member and was my primary contact in developing this song.


Bobcat's Foot is Hurting  song credits...

Guitar & vocals: Clarence Clearwater

Recorded by TDT Productions

P.O. Box 1087

Flagstaff, AZ 86002


Dean Neasham, Recording/Mix Engineer

Dave Johnson, Assistant Engineer